Summit Fitness


“High standard of work & excellent ideas”

Summit Fitness is a local company in North Wales that offers a range of courses for personal trainers to help them start their career in fitness. Through their amazing service, Summit Fitness outgrew their old website and were looking to develop an online course website that would allow them to scale.

Tom from Summit Fitness approached us and outlined his ideas for a new website, we discussed his plans, proposed some of our own ideas and were delighted when Tom accepted our proposal and wanted to work with us. Having a keen interest in fitness we couldn’t wait to start this project.


Graphic Design

Branded graphics with clear Call to action.

Content coming soon

Website design

Membership website with a clear user journey.

The first part of this project was to go over every part of the website and create the learner’s journey through the units of each course, in a complex project planning is key. Once we had a clear sitemap for the website we got to work on developing the website and creating the initial structure. We worked through the website and at key stages we made sure the website flowed as Tom had envisaged.


What the client had to say

"Coming soon"
Tom Williams