Price Guide

Below is a guide to our prices. We always provide a bespoke proposal for all projects but you can use the below prices to give you an idea of the investment needed.


Full Branding from £1000
from £1000

Graphic Design

For all graphic design work you must have an brand we can work from which includes logo, colour scheme and fonts.

Flyer £120
Brochure from £250
from £250
Menu from £200
from £200
from £120


Landing Page from £550
from £550
Web Design from £1500
from £1500
eCommerce from £2000
from £2000
Directory from £2500
from £2500
Membership from £2500
from £2500
from £55/month


SEO Audit from £350
from £350
from £350
SEO from £500/month
from £500/month

SEO #1

Helps to increase visibility with low competition keywords, great for local SEO.


SEO #2

Perfect for medium competition keywords and regional SEO.


SEO #3

Created to increase visibility for high competition keywords on a national scale.


Social Media Marketing from £500/month
from £500/month

Social #1

Keeps your social media active.


Social #2

Keeps your social media active and drives growth.


Social #3

Full social media management which drives growth and encourages engagement. 


Studio Rates

Hourly Rate £80/hour